EcoNow Oxy-Tabs utilize OXY-TAB technology to provide oxygen, buffers and billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that encourage the breakdown of household waste, solids, grease, and toilet paper which will properly maintain your septic tank or remove years of build-up in your pipes and drains.

The benefits of Eco-Now’s revolutionary OXY-TAB technology


Oxy-Tabs add oxygen to the septic tank, drains & pipes for more effective biological degradation of waste, solids and grease. Aerobic bacteria need oxygen to grow and thrive. When used regularly, our tablets

  1. effectively reduce and slow down the rate of sludge build-up to help your septic system run smoothly until the next pumping.
  2. effectively reduce and slow down the rate of build-up in your pipes, drains and garbage disposal to help prevent blockage and potential back-up into your home

Oxygen generated by Oxy-Tabs also helps prevent or eliminate hydrogen sulfide and its pungent “rotten egg” odor. If the septic system or your drains and pipes are sluggish or have clogs these odors may back-up into your home. Eliminating hydrogen sulfide, also prevents sulfuric acid, which corrodes septic walls and pipes. The by-product of our aerobic (with oxygen) degradation is carbon dioxide, a non-toxic odorless gas.


Oxy-Tabs oxygenate the waste water utilizing a revolutionary oxygen delivery system

  1. For Septic Tanks the technology uses a time release tablet. Once submerged in wastewater, Septic Oxy-Tabs begin to effervesce into micro fine oxygen bubbles. This fizzing action distributes the bacteria, oxygen, and buffers evenly through the septic tank environment while treating the bottom sediments. This unique bottom-up distribution means EcoNow tablets will be a very effective treatment
  2. For Drains and Pipes, the technology uses a quick dissolving tablet that fizzes into micro fine oxygen bubbles to evenly distribute the bacteria, oxygen, and buffers along the pipe and drain walls

It is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and biodegradable.